Faculty and Staff

Michelle Geoffrion-Vinci

Department Head
Professor of Spanish
426 Pardee Hall

Joli Mellett

Department Secretary
430 Pardee Hall
(610) 330-5252

Michael G. Clark

Visiting Instructor of Classical Languages
405 Pardee Hall

Sidney Donnell

Associate Professor of Spanish
404 Pardee Hall
(610) 330-5260

Markus Dubischar

Associate Professor of Classics, Assistant Department Head, Classical Civilization program chair
425 Pardee Hall

Olga Anna Duhl

Oliver E. Williams Professor of Languages (On Sabbatical)
Professor of French
Medieval, Renaissance & Early Modern Studies Co-Chair
427 Pardee Hall

Fatma El-Turky

Arabic-Language Support Staff
405 Pardee Hall
(610) 330-5780

Maureen Oldham Gallagher

Visiting Assistant Professor of German
416 Pardee Hall

Amauri Gutierrez-Coto

Visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish
413 Pardee Hall

Naoko Ikegami

Visiting Instructor of Japanese
436 Pardee Hall
(610) 330-5960

Christa Keister

Visiting Instructor of German
435 Pardee Hall
(610) 330-5266

Roxanne Lalande

Professor of French
409 Pardee Hall
(610) 330-5263

Margarete Lamb-Faffelberger

Professor of German and Director of the Max Kade Center for German Studies
433 Pardee Hall


Fulbright Teaching Assistant of Chinese
405 Pardee Hall


Visiting Assistant Professor of Chinese
410 Pardee Hall
(610) 330-3073

Camille Qualtere

Visiting Instructor of Spanish
407 Pardee Hall
(610) 330-5230

Daniel Quiros

Assistant Professor of Spanish
428 Pardee Hall
(610) 330-5257

Juan Rojo

Assistant Professor of Spanish
403 Pardee Hall

George Rosa

Professor of French (On Sabbatical)
434 Pardee Hall
(610) 330-5261

Valeria Sajez

Visiting Lecturer of Russian
414 Pardee Hall
(610) 330-5254

Richard Shupp

Visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish, Spring 2017
412 Pardee Hall
(610) 330-5594

Michael Singer

Visiting Intructor of Hebrew
405 Pardee Hall
(610) 330-5780

Katie Stafford

Visiting Assistant Professor of Spanish
423 Pardee Hall

Lucy Swanson

Visiting Assistant Professor of French
413 Pardee Hall
(610) 330-3198

Mary Toulouse

Director of FLL Resource Center
Visiting Instructor of French
418-B Pardee Hall
(610) 330-5265

Clara Verónica Valdano-López

On Sabbatical, 2016-17
Assistant Professor of Spanish
423 Pardee Hall
(610) 330-5259


Assistant Professor of Chinese
408 Pardee Hall