College may be the first opportunity you have to study Modern Hebrew. So, forget the myth that you have to start learning another language in childhood.

Image from 2007-2008 Study Abroad Photo CompetitionCollege can help young adults become faster and more effective language learners than small children. With a little imagination and hard work, Hebrew studies at Lafayette can lead to an amazing study-abroad experience. For each additional year of language studies, research shows a wide range of benefits, including improved verbal and math scores on entrance exams (GREs, MCATs, LSATs). Advanced language studies lead to greater opportunities for admission to graduate and professional schools and greater access to career-oriented jobs.

The Minor in Jewish Studies

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Courses in Hebrew

HEBR 101, 102: Elementary Hebrew I & II

Fundamentals of the spoken and written modern language are taught, as are the development of listening and speaking skills, and the ability to read and write standard, un-vowelled texts. Introduction to the culture of Israel. Class/laboratory.

HEBR 111, 112: Intermediate Hebrew I & II

Review and expansion of the basic grammar, vocabulary, and idioms. Development of skills of self-expression and conversation. Readings in short stories and in newspaper and magazine articles, and monitoring of television broadcasts in the language laboratory to gain a deeper understanding of Israeli culture.

HEBR. 290, 291: Independent Study in Hebrew

These courses are intended to expand the student’s basic capabilities in the four linguistic skills-listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Enrichment of written grammar with emphasis on the expansion of vocabulary and stylistics. Examination of cultural and contemporary issues through use of texts, films, television, music, and the internet.
Prerequisite: Hebrew 112, equivalent proficiency, or permission of the instructor

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